Friday, April 6, 2007

Blog Open For Business

First off, I'd like to express our views on the environment we want our viewers to experience. We at Green Acres Cafe wish to invite our consumers to a laid-back Southern environment. So, since our restaurants elude that laid-back feeling, so will our blog. A little bit about the company: We're a small business located in Birmingham, Alabama, in the North Birmingham District. The place has been in the family for over five decades, and has been in the same area a little over four decades. We consider our marketing niche to be described as Southern Cuisine with a sports bar feel. The theme however is just a shamble of "lo-country simpleness". If you're ever in the Birmingham area of Alabama, stop by and try some of our menu items, our most popular are the chicken wings, the fresh cut french-fries, and the fried green tomatoes. Check back for updates on our business, and some recipes for the food we offer in our stores.